Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ex-FEMA Director Brown Bites Back Like Freddy & Jason!

Wired is reporting from the New York Times that Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown is not taking his lumps to himself about his resignation or possibly being forced to resign.

Brown is pointing his fingers at the state officials within Louisiana, but he has really stated that he told Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and White House chief of staff Andrew Card to let the White House know that Louisiana officials was not essentially picking up the ball that was in their court.

This means to me that Brown sent the problem uphill and now staffers at the White House are saying that while they remember the calls, they do not remember hearing any urgency within Brown's voice.

Therefore, the White House was thinking that it was business as usual and Brown is essentially saying what else do you want to me to say or how do you want me to say it?

Bottom line, anyone who is an expert at bureaucracy knows that it is never proper to really raise your voice.

So at what point does a response or raising one's voice become warranted?

I'm looking forward to watching tonight's apology and other words from the President. It is really sad that the US Senate has rejected a proposal for a federal commission to study the problem out of fear of political fallout.

But what they clearly overlooked is the fact that in this case political fallout is a horse that has already left the barn. So locking the doors now keeps the issue in the open versus containing the problem.

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