Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath Is Going To Reveal The Lack of Compassion for The Poor Before It Gets Better

Unfortunately, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is rapidly decaying into a greater human tragedy than most would ever imagine. New Orleans especially was poverty filled and stricken decades before the storm ever hit.

The massive poverty continues throughout the rest of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The storm just revealed the lack of investment in human capital that was tolerated under the disguise of the gambling, tourism, and other low paying industries.

Now that the wealthy have been able to self-evacuate themselves and leave the truly poor behind, the rush to get aid and assistance to the poor is only an after-thought until it begins to jeopardize the pride and show of force that our country loves to portray internationally.

The agencies responsible for rendering aid are now putting tough talk into their soundbites and press interviews. The blaming the victim mentality will unfortunately provide the justification for the rough treatment, manhandling, and physical brutality that will accompany the mindset "the others left, so why did you decide to stay behind and cause trouble and make people think twice about attending future Mardi Gras?"

I just hope that the poor within California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado are paying attention as well as the rest of America when our respective regions eventual turn in the barber's chair comes.

May God help us all.