Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Just Fell In Love with RSS Feeds & XML All Over Again!!!

Today I started checking out the various RSS feed reading software in greater detail as well as various websites such as and Technorati.

But with the Google's new feature announced today to search blogs and its accompanying RSS feeds from the results, you can obtain content and information from a ton of websites without having to go to each one and logging in if any website requires user registration.

I did notice that there is more than one link to visit the Google Blog Search website and the link given above is easier to use than the Blog Search found on Blogger's website even though Google owns Blogger and both websites return the same information.

The Google Blog Search just returns the results in a format similar to any Google search result and more results are found on a single page.

The best new observation today is that it is going to become a de facto requirement to have a RSS feed using XML if the website is going to be recognized as being worthwhile within the new Web 2.0 era.

There is no way to get around this requirement either. Either create or obtain the capability to add RSS feeds to your website or risk losing visitors and especially repeat visitors to your website.

Another mind blowing tool found today is that it is also no longer a requirement to be able to do any heavy lifting or heavy programming in order to incorporate RSS feeds or XML into a website.

Just locate or create a search query FROM ANY WEBSITE that returns any search results within a RSS feed that you want and you can create both a RSS feed and the necessary Javascript code at the same time to place INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE into your own website.

This feature alone will create opportunities for people to visit a website over and over again.

The only thing that I have yet to locate in a format that I like is the ability to create and add tags to websites that I would normally bookmark or create a favorite for as well as having the ability to tag a webpage on demand.

I had one extension added to Firefox that did the job, but I removed it while trying to eliminate an error message that has been popping up everytime Firefox is started lately. Since the error message still appears since it was removed, I may reinstall it.

But as a result of these findings, I know that it will be virtually impossible to look at websites and the internet itself in the same way ever again.

My tagged websites are located here.

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