Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Orleans Should Have Been At The Top of Many Priority Lists

The immediate demographic shift of New Orleans (NO) is going to be understandable while the working class that will occupy the city is the wild card that all of us will have to witness over time.

I have been wondering the hows and whys of Texas getting so deeply involved, but it is further inevitable that a new form of post-Katrina corruption will be discovered in Texas and other places by people receiving funds without providing any assistance whatsoever.

I have always wanted to visit the glamorous NO that no longer exists, but something always interfered and kept us away.

I now wonder about the Essence Music Festival, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Convention, Sugar Bowl, and a host of other annual events that filled NO.

What event could now compel people to return to NO from all over the world?

My wife and I were talking about how surreal and unbelievable it would be to attend an event held at either the Superdome or the Convention Center.

To us, it would be the same as attending a sports event at Ground Zero in NYC.

I did hear a report about the instability of the Superdome and it may be torn down as a result of the storm first and then the deaths that occurred there.

In terms of the snipers, try this rationale on for size whether it was right or wrong (I do believe it was wrong).

If they had lived, the snipers would undoubtedly claim that due to the lack of food, water, shelter, and other life necessities, that they had to do something in order to bring attention to the areas that had the greatest need and were most overlooked previously.

This is basically the same rationale as Osama Bin Laden's.

But on the other hand, the same NO snipers would have been able to claim that they were continuously programmed to violence by the media, movies, rap music, and other programming and content that they filled their hours with.

The same dead horse would have been beat in terms of gangsta rap.

But who can really blame the chickens for coming home to roost?

NO was clearly ignored for decades if not centuries.

After it was no longer used as a port for human cargo and the end of the Civil War, the decline of NO has been not just an invisible hand writing on a wall, but the spray painting, wall papering, and mural artistry of neglect by the entire US.

The only redeeming factor that has been traditionally given to NO has its ability and asset as an entertainment and party center.

Take away the party factor, and the traditional value of NO evaporates.

But why a major port city in terms of the energy (and clear cut importance to national security) has been overlooked blows my mind.

NO should have been at the top of the priority list for no other reason than its existence of being a main point for the distribution of oil, gas, and other cargo moving in and out of the area.

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