Monday, June 06, 2005

Taste Test Results on POM

There have been various media reports on the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice.

Yahoo! has an online news article and WebMD has one also.

Then over the weekend, a fraternity Brother (thanks Brother Henderson) recommended POM and gave a testimony of his experiences with the juice.

This afternoon while running a few errands, I decided to purchase a bottle. I read in a newsletter/catalog from Costco that they have the juice available for sale.

But when I mentioned to my wife Wyteria my intentions for the day, she mentioned that the local grocery stores would have it as well.

I went to a regional grocery store Publix and discovered that they had 5 flavors available: regular/plain, blueberry, mango, tangerine, and cherry. Only the regular/plain flavor is available in two different sizes.

So I picked the smaller bottles in all of the flavors and decided to do my own taste test.

This is my first experience with pomegranate juice whatsoever as well.

I tried the regular flavor first and it poured with the same consistency of grape juice.

The regular flavor was a little stronger or richer than grape juice in flavor.

The testimony of my fraternity brother mentioned that it made him feel peppier.

I could really see that pomegranate juice could compete with coffee very well (especially for those who prefer coffee cold). It made me think that it had a natural caffeine effect although this is only my opinion.

The juice was located in the refrigerated juice section in Publix. I also discovered POM in the national grocery chain Kroger. POM was only available in a larger sized bottle. The regular/plain flavor was the only flavor available. The price was cheaper in Kroger as well. POM has its own unique bottle shape as well.

Publix has the variety while Kroger has the lower price.

The blueberry flavor had a huge injection of flavor and I could smell the blueberry aroma immediately upon opening the bottle.

Blueberry may become my favorite flavor for POM since it captured everything in essence about blueberries.

The tangerine flavor was next within my test and I was surprised that a citrus flavor could be created for such a juice. The tangerine flavor did not have an effect on me either way and I do not fully remember what it tastes like now.

The cherry flavor was next and it would become my second preferred flavor. It was just as powerful as the blueberry flavor, but cherry as a flavor is not one that I am normally in contact with and this is what makes blueberry more preferred.

I tried the mango flavor last since I had previously had a bad experience in tasting something that was supposedly a mango flavor. But this flavor was not nasty at all compared to the previous experience;) Mango tastes very close to having a slight banana twist to it. I would consume the mango flavor again if possible.

Since Wyteria did not join me on the taste test, I know that there are 5 bottles of pomegranate juice in the refrigerator. I believe that she will drink some at some point so I will not have to drink them all.

The flavor does not seem like one that small children will readily drink although I could be wrong. The cherry or mango flavors would possibly taste best for children.

Again, the regular/plain is not bad at all and since it is the only flavor available in the larger-sized bottle, it may be the one bought most of all.

Since POM did not have any negatives that came to mind, I will slip it into our grocery cart on our regular food buying excursions.

Finally, I would like to taste a smoothie made with the flavor as well. It would probably be very good. My next plan is to buy some real pomegranates and see what they taste like raw.

Until then, I do drink POM!


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