Sunday, June 12, 2005

Death Trappings of Success

A few days ago I surprisingly read about the sudden death of an internet guru that was a multimillionaire.

Corey Rudl started a business online with only $25 and his business grew as well as the business of his students. He had a home-study course as well.

I have been a member of a mailing list that Corey started for a few years now.

Corey was only 34 years old and the driver of the Ferrari was 39.

When I read the news of their deaths which appeared as an obituary entry within my local paper's website, I thought that they had died while driving within one of the growing sport of NASCAR racing driving schools.

But they did not attend any type of driving school at all (to my knowledge from any of the articles online) and this omission may have directly led to their deaths.

A few weeks ago on a CNN show (similar to both The Apprentice and any type of extreme makeover show) called The Turnaround, there was a driving school in North Carolina that boasted of having a perfect safety record.

It turns out that the deaths of the two men occurred on a race track in California that was rented by a local Ferrari club that was able to use the high-speed track when races were not taking place.

Unfortunately, the wealth of the Ferrari owners did not go as far as to buy any instructions or strategies on how to drive their toy-cars capable of reaching 100 mph plus speeds as quickly as possible.

I just saw photos of the crash and the absolute destruction of the car as well online.

See the damage and ask yourself if your future success may cause a blind spot that your current state could now prevent.

Make the necessary changes now as well as to know what you should do before you enter the gateway of prosperity.

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