Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Great Customer Service @ Chili's Restaurant

I had lunch at a Chili's restaurant in Austell, GA yesterday and it was great.

I ate alone, but the most significant thing is that they allowed me to add an item from a separate meal without any hesitations or "I'll have to talk with the manager first" type of stuff.

It was truly like 'whatever you want, you've got it' throughout the entire experience.

I had a glazed shrimp on a sugarcane skewer (I have not had real sugarcane in years) with seasoned rice (possibly jerk seasoning since it was spicy), fresh vegetables, some kind of mango salsa (it cooled down the spicyness-thank God).

The add-on was a skewer of steak that was available for only $2.99 more. When the dish arrived, it also had a skewer of jerk chicken which I did not know that it would. I did not send it back and actually ate the chicken first;)

I will definitely eat there again! I tip well too!

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