Thursday, June 02, 2005

Child Kidnappings Occur More Often Than Previously Thought

There is a news story that I just read about and it is quite disturbing.

A recent high school graduate turned up missing prior to the group's return flight from Aruba to Alabama.

Here is a link on Google News.

One primary reason that the story is disturbing is because there are evidently more child kidnappings happening worldwide for illegal and illicit acts such as child prostitution.

Brainwashing a child over several years is more than possible and the child would not have a remote clue of who they are as a result.

The children are being sent to foreign countries as well where detection as well as language barriers provide a very strong cover of darkness.

Since language is affected by where one is currently located, over time the child would completely lose any type of accent and their home language altogether.

The death penalty should be on a short list for those involved in crimes against children.

Our prayers go out to the family and other families who are affected by such tragedies.

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