Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hurricane Hugo Was Worse That I Thought!

After I created the last blog entry, I went and clicked on several of the links found on the Google results for Hurricane Hugo.

It turns out that Hurricane Hugo did more damage and caused more changes before and after it hit than previously imagined.

I also discovered some news regarding the aftermath that is directly related to my next book that on the surface was appearing more the exception than the rule.

Overall, hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes are nothing to play with as any of God's hand within nature and the weather.

I remember plenty of days in Nichols, SC when my cousin Adrian and I would have to stop playing and be quiet at the commands of our grandmother the late Willenar B. Tart due to a thunder and/or lightning storm approaching the area.

Check out the link above on Hurricane Hugo and visit the various websites yourself.

I am even more grateful to God to survive the storm and know that only God has richly empowered the masses that experienced Hurricane Hugo to live another day.

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