Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jury Duty Continues, But With Limited Absence

Yesterday was the second day of jury duty and it went rather fast given that it was just a repeat of the first day.

Here in Cobb County, Georgia, there is a voice mail number for jurors to call for updates. We normally call each evening after 6 p.m. for instructions before the following day.

The first update on Monday evening (after my first full day of being bored beyond reason even with my own created jury duty survival kit) said that my panel should report for jury duty at a later time (9:30 a.m.) than the 8:30 a.m. Monday report time we had.

On Tuesday evening, the update said to call the next day at 10:30 a.m. while not having to be physically present.

Then the update for today said to call back after the evening update is posted.

This essentially keeps you on the hook of jury duty responsibility while being able to do other work.

The biggest observation gained is that you can only consume so much content at one time no matter how many interesting things you have to read and listen to.

The essence of being cooped up like chickens within a room full of relative strangers with diverse backgrounds and concerns with little if any real interaction just caused me to look for a better way.

As a result, an idea popped up late yesterday that we will run a test to see if it can get any altitude.

We obtained the domain name as a result and more is to come later.

Wyteria had a great idea that we will seek to possibly implement.

More to come later!

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