Saturday, May 14, 2005

Visual Search Engine Results with Grokker

A technology that was once restricted for paying customers has now changed its business model and become a free web-based service

Grokker allows you to see the results of whatever you are searching for and uses the Yahoo! search engine to deliver the results.

I just tried it and had heard of Grokker before, but never had enough curiousity to fully understand its unique difference.

By entering a search term and/or phrase, I saw clusters related to various aspects of the idea I was looking for.

Each result had a box that would pop up to fully explain the website discovered with your search results.

This is cool because you can see the most popular aspects of whatever you are searching for more information on. You can then drill down and get deeper into the concept and/or endeavor based on what aspect you are most interested in.

The rank and popularity of pages are indicated as well.

There is another technology that provides more 3-dimensional search results, but I do not remember its name right now.

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