Thursday, May 19, 2005

Setbacks Are Great Set Ups for Greater Success, Really!

Too often emotions run rampant when we receive bad news or what we perceive to be bad news.

Yes, sometimes bad things do occur and our perceptions are totally correct. But many times a door to greater success may be opening and we have to leave our comfort zone in order to fully gain the benefits.

Yesterday, our news of an unexpected suspension being imposed by eBay was a good punch in the nose.

But the reality is in less than 24 hours, a bigger and more efficient door has been opened.

No, we will not become Bill Gates' neighbors anytime soon, but at least we will be able to afford to buy gas;)

Staying within the comfort zone means that we are not diversifying our efforts and our rewards.

Our rewards are limited whenever we exist only within our comfort zones.

One cliche' says not to put all of our eggs in one basket. The real key is whenever a new endeavor is started, we may not have the luxury of being fully diversified.

To diversify in the early stages of anything is dangerous and does not allow the seeds to take root. Malnourishment is the only possible result.

Once success is obtained and we start to run out of room in our embryo, we can begin to diversify as we enter the next level.

Diversifying upon exiting a level means that we are able to divide and conquer not the new territory, but master the territory that we are exiting.

Securing the base is the best lesson that I have learned from military strategist.

Once the base is secured, then new efforts can be undertaken.

Dividing and conquering means that past lessons are going to be fully exploited to receive the maximum benefit.

So the next time a setback seems to pop up, start looking for the door of greater opportunity within the situation.


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