Saturday, May 21, 2005

3 Must Read Articles if You're Considering Joining The TiVo Swarm!

Now that we have rejoined the virus known as TiVo, there are more than just a few ways that we have had to get readjusted to not being dysfunctional tv viewers;)

So I went to Google and searched the web to reintroduce TiVo and its full benefits and capabilities even though I had already been sold on the concept of TiVo last summer.

This recent research was just to make sure that we did not forget something that makes TiVo so special to millions of users.

My research located three articles that anyone remotely interested in TiVo must read to see if they really "get it".

This phrase "get it" appeared in a free DVD that TiVo offered potential customers last year and I could not find the link for the DVD in a recent search for an online friend:(

Within the free DVD, a family appeared and talked about TiVo. One of the family members, who was a young boy about 12 years old, said that he could look into the eyes of someone and could tell if they had TiVo. He could tell if they "get it". The statement is funny but true;)

Check out this 3 part series written by Cece Forrester:

What TiVo People Know: Part I

What TiVo People Know: Part II

What TiVo People Know: Part III -- A Modest Proposal

I am reading and re-reading each article to make sure that I "get it" and "keep it".


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