Saturday, May 21, 2005

Only TiVo Users Will Appreciate This;)

A few nights ago my family and I attended the pre-K graduation of our goddaughter.

When we got back home, the Season Passes that were set months ago for "The Apprentice" and "ER" were still programmed in the TiVo even though the modem went bad and had to be eventually replaced.

Never do a full reset unless you have no other choice is the moral of the substory.

The TiVo recorded both programs and my wife got our daughters ready for bed quickly since it was closing in on 10 p.m.

I caught the tail end of "The Apprentice" and pretty much knew that Kendra was going to win and wanted to see how it all went down (another post on my "The Apprentice" thoughts later).

We knew that Noah Wylie's swan song on "ER" was going to be broadcast next.

We were tired of the drive and felt a little drained (spend an evening with 6 little girls and see if you feel otherwise yourself).

Guess what?

We went to bed and watched both shows the next morning without missing a thing;))

We did a rewind to miss the dialogue if someone did not hear a line or to see if a character (the very corporate-coat new chief resident) was in an area that had produced a lot of injured people.

Peace! LOL;)

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