Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Next Book Is On The Horizon!

Shortly after returning from SC, I received an insight from God that is going to be the title, subject, and focus of my next book.

I have already written the bulk of the chapters within the book but it did not have a central theme as it will now.

The new theme gives the book more clarity and makes understanding the biblical concept and principle easier.

Everyone who hears the title, reads the book, and applies the deeper meanings will be able to become a winner faster and even turn around some negative areas that may have existed before.

While it builds upon my first book entitled Every Seed Has The Divine Expectation of Much Fruit, I did not expect this new book to fit within the Every Seeds trilogy that was already planned. Now the trilogy adds another edition for a series of 4 books written and planned.

I know that everything is connected to everything and I was reading an overview and excerpt from a book entitled Freakonomics.

Freakonomics is about how unrelated events are indeed related just as Malcolm Gladwell's books entitled The Tipping Point and his recent book Blink does the same.

One confirmation of the simple but yet complex principle is that it applies to so many endeavors, I had a simple activity that somehow made it become crystal clear for the readers.

The Freakonomics excerpt provided me with the "let me see if this biblical concept can be applied even here" idea and my research indicated that it does to an uncanny degree. Even the exceptions to the rule actually prove the idea to a greater extent.

Once the book is published, I know that many who bet on sports will begin to use it as well unfortunately. But the Word of God is powerful to convict, change, and redefine our understanding.

I researched the various championship teams for the MLB, NBA, and NFL and the biblical law applies to the world of sports as well. No endeavor is exempt from God's Word.

I hope to have the book completed and finished in time for the fall season if not before.

Before I forget to mention it, the title and theme is:

Every Seed Needs Water


Buttercup and JOHN-43 said...

good luck with the book

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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