Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Return of TiVo!

I received a belated birthday present today when we finally received the modem replacement kit for our TiVo .

At this very moment, the TiVo unit is loading the data for the next several days or weeks to provide a TV Guide experience unlike any other.

Since we never sent the TiVo unit off to be serviced, we did not lose any of the recorded broadcasts that were on the internal hard drive. It was definitely tempting to totally reset the unit back then and consequently lose the data.

It is amazing to see the recorded television programs that are either no longer aired or dynamically changed somehow.

We had an episode of "ER" where Dr. Carter (Noah Wylie) first met Kem (Thandie Newton) and now he is actually leaving the television show.

Also still on the TiVo's hard drive were dozens of television shows like SpongeBobSquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and other cartoons and such that Rachel and Hailey love.

Several of my then-favorite shows on the now-revamped channel Tech TV (now renamed G4 and I never watch it now) like The Screen Savers and Unscrewed with Martin Sargent are going to be watched at some point again. But now I am enjoying being a paid subscriber for a podcast named This Week in Tech with several of the former personnel and personalities from Tech TV.

In checking the billing records, we had the TiVo service for 6 months and were without it for 6 months. It seems that we had taken our television viewing off life support.

Now that we have rejoined the ranks of being active TiVo customers, I am going to pick up an idea that I was in the process starting (when the service was cancelled) before in helping other current and potential customers to get the maximum benefit out of the product and service.

Since we have experienced what it feels like to be without the service, we know what it takes to get back up and running very quickly without losing a lot of recorded broadcasts as well as what equipment is needed if and whenever there is an equipment failure.

I had already obtained a couple of web domains for the potential service and the one most likely to be used is going to be DVR Concierge.

Welcome back TiVo and boy did we miss ya!

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