Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Do You Get It Yet?

I just received a message a few minutes ago from an editor with Skype about my blog entry on Skype. The message arrived in less time than it would have within any conditions offline.

As I continue to monitor the world of technology, I keep asking myself questions like "why is this so important", "where is this going", "who is going to be afraid of this", "who is going to win or lose with this", and "what is the real benefit of using this".

One answer just came to me a few minutes ago about why podcasting, internet broadcasting of any kind, and other online mediums have become popular.

The answer is really two-fold.

One reason is that the life of most mass mediums that existed before the internet have virtually gotten the life and soul sucked out of them all.

Too many people already know what to expect from tv personalities, entertainers, and other mass communication celebrities.

We know how to sound like a radio personality dj back in the day, weather man, or news reporter etc.

We know how singers, musicians, and dancers plus models on tv are "supposed" to pose, walk, move their hips, and get their message across.

We know how they are supposed to look, talk, get in trouble, and so forth.

Our knowing has led to a sense of boredom with it all.

The only thing remaining for past mediums to yet intrigue us will be to introduce and interview aliens live on the air;)

With all the program directors copying ideas, sweeps runs, sweepstakes, and contests from radio, tv, and newspaper seminars and industry experts to get their local media outlet ratings up in Arbitron, Nielsen, and other rating services, the mere existence of someone with a finger on the pulse of what the consumers really want in REAL-TIME has been given a pink slip and ushered out of the door by security.

The experts are always too far removed from the consumer whether it is an intangible or tangible product being consumed and distributed.

Now that the masses have found an alternative to being served something that proverbially tastes like chicken from a corporate office thousands of miles and hours away, the rush to line up for poverty-served ghoulash is over.

The second reason is that the cost of producing your own media has fallen within the reach of anyone who is remotely interested in doing so.

One of our favorite movies in our household is "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and one of the best scenes surrounds the radio station and recording studio where the group on the run recorded a song under the name "The Soggy Bottom Boys".

Back in the golden age of radio and music buying, only the rich could afford to pay for the sheet music and pianos in order to play the songs heard on the radio.

Now that anyone with a computer and internet connection can create a beat, newsletter, blog, website, mailing list, podcast, and a host of other internet mediums, you can virtually find any medium involving any area of interest and endeavor through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and a host of others.

A lot of the new media is called diy (stands for do-it-yourself), basement media, and bedroom media.

No one has to pay for lessons (like piano lessons before) to share their thoughts and ideas on anything.

No one has to pay for someone to broadcast their message around the world.

No one has to be forced to endure being a part of a captive audience whether it is as an employee or consumer due to where they live.

So why would one work for menial pay and poor working conditions otherwise? The only reason is that they do not know that a better way exists.

Indeed, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. As the asynchronous warfare in Iraq has proven to us all, there is no such thing as being only on the frontline or bringing up the rear.

You are now in a new world order where you are doing both depending upon the mission, the winds of change, and whether you thought you were previously playing offense or defense.

Everybody is on "special teams" now;)

Most sports matches broadcast on the air now are really determined within the last several minutes of the game.

Now until the end of time, the game of life is within the last few minutes of a high stakes chess match and each player is telling the other "Check!"

The endgame is really on now!


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