Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Turnaround Continues: Is Hip Hop Dead?

Last night was nothing short of a miraculous blessing for all involved.

Lives were given to Christ and multimedia content that contained negative lyrics and/or lifestyle were destroyed after an extremely powerful skit based on a real-life event.

Ministry does not get any better than this.

The youth were witnesses to gospel hip hop ministry which included myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well as learned something while enjoying the others who shared their music ministries.

I always try to learn something with every opportunity and the trend continued last night and should make future performances more powerful.

The skit that led to the youth rededicating their lives and the call that included the statement "maybe you were baptized at an early age and really did not understand what you were doing" really hit home with me with the realization that if children are baptized before 12 that a disconnect is possible if the church does not have an active youth ministry.

Everyone including God wants the children to come to Him, but we cannot allow a revolving door to exist back to a less than holy lifestyle.

At our home church today, we had rehearsal for Black History Month and the youth choir practiced as well.

I am beginning to receive the vision that our youth may be reached with a Saturday early afternoon event that could incorporate everything witnessed over the past 2 weeks and more.

Our vision is looking to incorporate more participants than just within our church as well.

More prayer and listening for direction is going to take place before such an outreach will begin.

Congratulations Greater Bethany, you made a smooth transition, and are blessing more than just the attendees with your efforts!  The kingdom of God is a clear blessed recipient as well.

The boldness for Christ was clearly being demonstrated last night and this is the trend that must be continued worldwide.


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