Saturday, February 24, 2007

Going tomorrow to the City of My Birth: Jersey City, NJ

On tomorrow, I am scheduled to go back to the city where I was born--Jersey City, NJ and work for a week with my employer's offices there.

The last time that I was in Jersey City was in 1996 for a Smith family reunion.  Prior to that, I believe that it was in 1991 for a funeral and probably 1977 before then.

To say the least, returning there is raising multiple emotions, thoughts, and what ifs about where and who would I be.

What if my family at the ultimatum of my mother did not move to Nichols, SC in 1971?

What career path would I have been placed on?

What hobbies and lifestyle would I have if I still lived in Jersey City?

Would I still live if I lived in Jersey City and had not moved?

Thanks to Google Maps, I am able to see multiple places that I have vivid memories of but do not know how to get to and from.

So I am plotting my travels from a satellite eye's view.  I like to have a feel for a city now before I ever set foot on the ground.

At the family reunion in 1996, my mother and wife double teamed me on not exactly knowing where I was going to the point that I bought a map, studied it while they were taking a nap, and flawlessly drove from that point on.  I was waiting for them to compliment me on the improvement, but you know how women are:) 

They just rubbed it in more while laughing about it.  But I knew that they knew:)

I had a conversation with a first cousin Thursday night and he had not been back longer than I have.  Within the conversation, he mentioned that I would be safely "sheltered" while there and I realized that there were some areas such as the old neighborhood that I had better remember from the brief daytime visit in 1996 there.

I have no intentions of trying to revisit my past in depth on this trip, but I am planning on soaking up The Big Apple next door.

I have not been to New York as an adult and now working within the financial services industry, thoughts of being in the financial district is magnetic to me right now.

The New York Stock Exchange is not open to tours since 9-11-2001 and I do not have any contacts that could get me in as a working professional.

But to take a photo of the Wall Street Bull is going to be an objective on next Thursday for sure.

I may be able to see NASDAQ open that morning in the Times Square location as well and that would be totally cool.

To say that I am pumped up is indeed an understatement.

Another what if is after my bike accident last summer--what if I did not survive the experience?  I thank You God for keeping me alive and nothing in my life has been less than gravy since the experience.

I could just as easily be dead as these words are created.

Overall, this trip is going to be a memorable one and one filled with thanksgiving, gratitude, and wonder.

I thank God for my employer in having full confidence to send me to every call center outside of the one where I work.  Going to Tampa, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and now Jersey City before celebrating my first anniversary of working for the company has made every experience in getting to this point worth it all.

I hold no grudges even against my entry point into the industry (first financial services employer) but I am more competitive to smash them in any way possible just to show them what their policies and practices pushed out the door.

This trip is to date the capstone of my experience within any industry of employment thus far.

As a minister, anywhere that people have been saved is a blessing, so the secular employment cannot ever compare.

Seeing someone get saved while in Jersey City would be a wonderful bonus though. 

I will share more how God moves throughout this coming week as well as have photos on my dotMac page.

God is indeed good and worthy to be praised!



trise7en said...

Have fun I miss home (New York)!

Roney Smith said...

Now I know why!!! If anything is missing, then it is not getting any attention:)

There is something for everyone it seems.