Saturday, February 03, 2007

Google Has Done It Again To My Surprise! I Am Pleasantly Surprised!

Google is on a roll more than people really recognize.

It is not enough to have a company whose stock price soared upon its IPO and shows promise of going higher, but Google keeps innovating and releasing powerful products both large and small.

Today while using Blogger, I discovered that you can tie Google Reader and Blogger together and share any RSS article that you desire.

There is no faster way than to multiply information that you find relevant and worth sharing without doing a gigantic e-mail blast to people who may not feel the information is as important as you do.

But if there any frequent or once-in-a-blue-moon visitors to this blog, you may more often than not now find something that you would not have discovered otherwise.

I placed my shared Google Reader items at the end of each blog post in order that my shared items would have visibility on both the current items as well as each article as it may appear within a search engine result especially Google's:)

So just look below this immediate post to discover something that may not have crossed your radar before and be sure to check any of the above services as well.  Did I mention that they are all currently free?


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