Saturday, February 03, 2007

Turn A Youth Into Producer of the Year!

This product that I am about to share is one of the most phenomenal software programs made for a PC.

I bought it within the past couple of years and have been nothing short of amazed at what it can do.

Hands down, this is the closest neighbor to GarageBand on the Mac platform that a PC can run. I have both and know the similarities well.

When you consider its now rock-bottom price of only roughly $30 (better price than any video game hardware or software on the market), I recommend that any parent, relative, or concerned adult or even big brother or big sister should buy this program called Cakewalk Kinetic for any youth who needs and deserves an outlet for their creativity.

Cakewalk Kinetic Groove Sequencer Software
Cakewalk Kinetic Groove Sequencer Software

There is a more recent updated version of the same software that retails at a higher price, but it also requires a stronger computer in order to run it effectively. Even if you were going to buy any other Cakewalk program, buy this software and effectively get a "previous owner of Cakewalk software discount" directly from Cakewalk.

If and when your young man or woman starts producing the next multi-platinum hits or the next jam to make you and your family and acquaintances move, please let me know as well.

I look forward to hearing their compositions!


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