Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hats Off To The Colts, You've Beat The Best Team in the NFL:)

Well Super Bowl XLI is in the history books and the Indianapolis Colts have beaten my Chicago Bears by almost exceeding the margin that I expected the Bears to win by.
It was a great game and I still had a lot to cheer about especially at the game opening Hester kickoff return for a TD.
There was the conservative philosophy that said, "Don't let Manning beat you deep" but instead we let him beat us short.
I would have preferred seeing a change implemented to at least challenge him.
But hey, you cannot win them all and all you Saints fans enjoyed the game from home:)
We will be back next year and our defense is still equipped to bring the pain!
Here are a few observations from the game.
Congratulations especially to the Dungy family and I know that your faith has kept you whole.
My employer had advertised in the third quarter and the ads were pretty good. 
I enjoyed Prince at the halftime show and "Purple Rain" in the rain was poetic.  His time appeared to be shortened somehow.
The Toyota Tundra commercials were pretty good and the Budweiser commercial with the dog getting his spots through the mud was funny.  It never made me thirsty for one though:)
I have never been to Miami yet and everything about the city said that deep pockets is the requirement for entry.  I am so glad to have family and a frat brother there when the time comes to visit:)
Just hearing the Colts' CEO praising God on the international platform was fantastic and he did not hesitate to pass the trophy to Dungy.
Dungy's continued praise as "Christian coaches" is worth the Bears' loss on the scoreboard itself.
I now look forward to seeing the doors opening in unforeseen ways after this Super Bowl.
What a way for Black History Month to begin on this first Sunday in February!  Records were indeed made.

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