Saturday, April 30, 2005

Support Independent Artists & Be Pleasantly Surprised!!!

If you ever get tired of the radio programming that corporate America is trying its best to force down your musical throat, just check out the various independent artists that can be found online. has been acquired by C-Net and offers an unique perspective of what great music can be found by directly locating amateur and professional artists, labels, and music projects that more than likely program directors will miss unless they receive a memo otherwise.

You can search by your favorite musical genre, location, and even receive referrals on other artists that you might like. You can even try out music without risking the $10 to $15 needed to buy CDs offline.

Who knows, if you wet your musical palate strong enough, you may be inspired to add a few compositions of your own for the world to enjoy.

Through our own recording label Seed Of Life Records, several of my own musical compositions (nicknamed fishnets) were on the before the acquisition years ago.

Previous fishnets and new compositions will be added in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. The songs were remixed and we never got around to re-recording everything with the births of my daughters Rachel and Hailey.

We will probably add a link for a separate blog to focus on the music created in-house.

In the meantime, you can really find some nice diamonds for your ears on the website.

Lest I forget, the songs are made available for free and you can purchase CDs as well.

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