Saturday, April 09, 2005

Avoid pre-weekend e-commerce big ticket purchases!!!

Avoid pre-weekend ecommerce large purchase amount ordering!!! Billing & finance depts are not available to correct errors such as a pending holds on your money.

The nation's biggest retailer has taught me this lesson today after ordering an "online only" special for a laptop last night. The first order was cancelled by the Big Blue Boy's order processing after they claimed that my bank said that my mailing address did not match the address I was using (but I was using my home address in both cases).

The error has been compounded as I was told by their customer service that I could correct the error myself by entering the same information that my bank has. I did this and now the charges have been doubled. Ouch!!!

I cancelled the second order on my own after finding a better price elsewhere (Amazon). But now Amazon is having a problem processing the payment due to Big Blue Boy's huge error (who is not having a problem at this point).

Big Blue Boy's customer service said that their billing department would not be open until 8:30 a.m. central time on Monday, but that my account would be noted and the request sent to them electronically:(

Bottom line, I will not be placing any significant orders like this ever again without knowing that the billing and finance department will be immediately available to contact my 24-hour bank to correct such processes.

Good thing I am not traveling internationally this weekend;)

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