Saturday, April 09, 2005

Firefox Web Browser

If you are tired of experiencing a long-time watching websites appear with MS Internet Explorer (MSIE), then give Firefox a try.

The best thing that I like about Firefox is that it provides tabs just like a filing cabinet versus opening new windows if you want to look at multiple websites at the same time.

The time for a full page to appear is faster than MSIE too.

You will not want to remove MSIE from your computer yet though. Some companies have not upgraded their websites to be accessible to any other browser than MSIE.

There are several add-ons available for Firefox that will make using it a first option more and more.

I seldom use MSIE unless whenever I click on a link from within MS Outlook which defaults to opening MSIE.

Microsoft has made more money for me than any other technology company to date, but they seem like a fort or a city from the movie "Lord of The Rings" that is being attacked on every side.

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