Monday, September 24, 2007

Violent Crime Increases But The Connected Dots and Contributing Factors Are Available Identifiable

The nation is receiving the news of violent crime growth throughout the nation.

The news does not surprise me in that the trickle down theory of Reaganomics has consistently failed the have-nots time and time again and the absence of wealth and increase in violent propanganda have driven the numbers higher.

Whenever wealth is promoted through the mass media and yet somehow remains out the hands of the masses, you will have people killing one another in the streets to get their piece of the pie.  Others will do the same through white-collar crimes.

Whenever the financial prosperity flows throughout the nation as it did during the Clinton administration, you will see the demonstration of the inverse relationship between the increase of hope and the downward trend of violent crimes.  But allow the wealth to be dammed up and flow to a exclusive segment of society, you will create the conditions ripe for violence.

The chart of the violent crimes reported should be superimposed over the charts for the DOW and NASDAQ and the correlation will become more evident.  I am sure that there is a statistic for the amount of violent acts shown on television as well.  All of these dots are connected truly.


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