Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tonex Rebooted and His Global Apology

The summer of 2007 is one that will go down in history as an unforgettable one and clearly one full of swift transition.

I just read Tonex's apology for the Naked Truth and his new MySpace page is located at:

The entire Naked Truth and an interview that I heard online with Wade-O sounded so uncharacteristic that forgiveness is all that is left.

Personally I had recovered from aseptic meningitis in July and it was the hands down the worst pain that I have ever felt in my life.  My doctor kept warning me about "altered reality" and now I know what was meant since the entire experience gave me a totally new outlook on life and caused me to put down and drop some issues that were falsely taking too high a priority in my life.

What does any of this have to do with Tonex you may ask?

We never know in full the details that take place behind closed doors and within others and our own minds entirely.  During my sickness, I was turning off lights throughout our home in thinking that I was conserving energy and money at the same time.

Only when the doctor mentioned the symptoms of the disease did I begin to understand both the avoidance of light, the super foul mood, and intolerance that was building up inside me for my own family.

I had not changed but for no other reason that I was physically sick and my sickness produced emotional and mental impairment at the same time.

I am not saying that Tonex was sick in any manner, but we know that his actions this past spring and summer reflected nothing of the person that we came to know from his first musical release in the late 90s.

Therefore his apology is enough for me.

This past Sunday I preached a sermon entitled "Since God Worked It Out, How Come We Ain't Walking It Out?" and within the message (that will be uploaded online soon) I made the statement that all of us are one banana peel away from trouble and being on the six o'clock evening news worldwide.

Just like Pastor Shirley Caesar's song, some of us are still "Next In Line". 

So get ready for your banana peel, but more importantly get ready for your uprising and bouncing back.

As much as the enemy loves it when we fall, there is nothing like the look in their eyes when we get back up! 

From my own song entitled "Roller Skate", we "roller skate, roller skate, fall down seven times, get up eight"!

To God be the Glory!


Roney Smith

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