Friday, September 14, 2007

RIP: Bobby Byrd & Heaven Just Got Even More Funkier

Long-time collaborator with James Brown and original Soul Generals member himself Mr. Bobby Byrd has passed in Loganville, Georgia.

Mr. Byrd will probably be most remembered by singing the "Get on up" phrase within James Brown's hit entitled "Sex Machine".  It is probably hands down my favorite James Brown song because of the passion and flare of the tag team.  But Mr. Byrd had another hit which he led the vocals on a song entitled "I Know You Got Soul".

There is a clip of the song on YouTube probably, but the song alone made me buy from iTunes a CD that featured artists that worked with James Brown.  The CD is a keeper and one funky CD that will start a party across time and eternity.  It is one that will keep away any negative vibes.

Their raw energy and sublime passion made their music stand out on its own without the constant need for a video and promotion.  Any performance on national television was a historic event that would be burned into your soul and mind immediately.  Their music was so incredible that you would play the same song over and over again just to feel its repetitions of power.

It was Mr. Byrd's idea for the original group to follow Brown's talent versus keeping the Godfather of Soul in a secondary role.  To his credit, Mr. Byrd clearly should not be forgotten for giving up his seat on the bus to make sure that all of us got to the destination of supreme soul power.

Rest in peace Mr. Byrd and God bless your soul.


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