Thursday, August 07, 2008

Visit to Camp Creek Barnes & Noble in SW Atlanta

Good morning!!!

I am at the Barnes & Noble on Camp Creek Parkway after making a visit to the Vitamin Shoppe nearby.

Although I have been here many times before, it is too easy to forget several things that may make this location one of my favorite go to places especially among bookstores from now on.

This B&N represents what many African-Americans have moved to Atlanta for.  The energy in the air of economic empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities, cultural awareness, and social encounters among people of like minds can be found here instantly.  Already I have witnessed an exchange of business cards, a direct request for a business card by someone who just overheard the conversation, an interview of some unknown type, several sisters that could not have coincidently ran into each other here, and I even ran into a fraternity brother myself.

The range of magazines is far above and beyond any other B&N that I have seen and they include several magazines geared toward African-Americans that I have not even seen elsewhere. 

I am beginning to pick up that some magazines worldwide do not get beyond their first issue.  The range of topics in some cases appear to have been covered in the first and single issue (i.e., Digital Media aka The Future of Home Entertainment).  If they cover more than new models of the same technology beyond 6 issues, I will be amazed.  I do not even see an edition or month information on this magazine from the UK.

The depth of magazines also stacks up very well with Borders surprisingly.  There are niche magazines here by the tons.

Throw in the Starbucks and free wi-fi for AT&T customers like myself and many productive hours can be spent here very easily.

Just thought you should know!


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