Friday, August 29, 2008

My New Conspiracy Theory on McCain’s VP Pick

Karl RoveImage via Wikipedia Everyone in the world has been stupefied today with John McCain's selection of the State of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nominee.

Amazingly enough, there are more than a few members of the GOP that have consumed pints, gallons, and liters of Republican Kool-Aid to proudly and unashamedly justify McCain's wolfish ways in putting Palin on his ticket.

After stepping away from my computer long enough with more than enough laughs, guffaws, and tear-jerking jokes to last for the rest of the campaign season, it has dawned on me within the last hour that McCain's pick is perhaps the most shrewdest, racist, and most male chauvinist move seen in the world.

What makes this selection just as shrewd, racist, and chauvinistic as possible is that by choosing Palin, McCain has continued to seek the mass disenfranchisement of as many voters as possible.

Just as what was seen in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, McCain has taken the liberties to put a new Karl Rovian twist on his selection.

A few McCain supporters have already claimed that McCain's announcement took the oxygen out of Obama's speech that was as enlightened as any given by any American throughout our nation's history. To this attempt to remove oxygen from the final night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, I now see his announcement was clearly to do as you have stated and I see the cards up your sleeve.

Here it is in a nutshell. McCain and his GOP strategists know that the number of people being registered to vote in this year's presidential primaries and fall election have the highest counts ever. They know that the passion for Senator Obama's campaign has exceeded what they have had even with their elitist and exclusionary politics in their best years. They also know that based on the new participants within the election process that they clearly do not stand a chance of winning. But since the voter identification laws to prevent and disenfranchise many from voting may have been passed too early to have an effect, the best way to win this year's election is get those who would have voted for Obama NOT TO VOTE AT ALL.

How has McCain done this? By selecting someone that would make someone think "No one in their right mind would vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. I will let someone else vote for Obama and I will stay home or find something else to do on Election Day".

As a result, McCain's pick is supremely racist since it focuses on aiming squarely at stereotypes of African-Americans that have been classified as lazy since Republican President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

McCain assumes that there will be enough black voters who will not show up to vote at all assuming that someone else will make the difference instead.

McCain also assumes that there are more than enough supporters of Senator Hilary Clinton that will take their feminism to political extremes and vote for a woman on the ballot versus along party lines with or without any sound logic behind their decision for the long term. This is the most chauvinistic, Pied Piper-playing move that he could muster. Anyone should recognize this because nothing within McCain's selection of Palin has a long term focus and benefit for the United States of America. It is just as short-term focused as the selection of Cheney in providing the experienced oversight to a weak prince that W could still only reach for in his dreams at peak performance.

So by essentially using the divide and conquer strategy as an offensive weapon, selecting Palin is the move behind the move versus an in your face type of aggressive, political move. The move may actually qualify as a grand chess master move in being several steps beyond the actual pieces in play.

The only antidote for McCain's selection is that everyone who believes that Obama will make a better President of the United States HAS TO ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE AND SHOW UP TO VOTE!!!!!

You cannot assume that someone else will cast the deciding vote for you! You cannot assume that Palin will replace Senator Clinton in your heart's desire to see a woman occupying a political level never seen before simply because of her gender. Palin's own track record on the neighboring side of Russia has proven that she is not one of the girls.

Every attempt at placing a logical debate before the American voters has been struck down by McCain's VP selection of Palin. But just as before and as fine tuned as Karl Rove could imagine, the strategy plays into human nature on a subliminal, cellular level.

See the strategy for what it is: a move to encourage you not to vote!

The selection is like the weakened bait to attract and induce grogginess like turkey on Thanksgiving Day! Your political inactivity will make the difference if you do not vote because we already know what decision the Supreme Court will make if there are any discrepancies that cause the final decision to be placed in their hands!

As much as I can now admire McCain's shrewdness, it makes me even more passionate about Obama's campaign. I will have to donate to his campaign as well as volunteer in some manner.

I will also have to tell everyone that I meet to apply a distinct strategy if you are unable to donate yourself to Obama's campaign: TAKE THE DAY OFF TO VOTE!

If you have seen that contributing to Obama's campaign has not yet moved you to make a donation, donate through your vote and consider the actual amount of unpaid time spent in placing your vote as an implied donation at a bare minimum!

You will vote and contribute to one campaign or the other one way or another by default! There is no way around it this year or any other year!

You will vote for Obama by selecting him on the ballot or vote for McCain by staying away from the polls. You will contribute to Obama actively by sending a donation or contribute to McCain's campaign by doing nothing.

Bottom line, McCain wants your DO NOTHING VOTE!

Even by chance my conspiracy theory is way off in left field and grasping at straws, the logic behind political inactivity passes any decision tree and flow chart in the end results.

Not only is the call for all hands to be on deck, there is no excuse accepted, tolerated or to be given for the failure to vote by qualified people this coming Election Day.


Go Obama!


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Anonymous said...

Seems to me that McShame selected a running mate who is everything he said Obama was:

1. Too young.

2. A celebrity. (She entered the Miss Alaska pageant and lost to a sista.)

3. Inexperienced.

Now if he thinks Obama is all of this, why choose someone to be your second-in-command whom others perceive to be all that you called Barack?

Roney Smith said...

Viagra maybe? rofl:)