Monday, April 09, 2007

Two Indispensable Internet Tools: and!

Years ago, I would surf my favorite websites away from home on until they changed their business model and dropped the primary feature that I was using of storing favorite pages and websites (although many times one will never revisit them--but you can be a digital pack rat on the internet and no one will ever know until they need something from you).

Now I use and for the same reason but in a different way. is my preferred method of visiting my most often websites at any given time.

I have it saved within Firefox as one of two home pages that load everytime I use either my Macbook or desktop computer at home.

I also visit the page daily at work and keep it open throughout the day.

I use primarily for saving and categorizing pages by keywords called tags.  I also use it to recommend links to friends who either have created an account as well as to save myself some research time by locating hard to find websites that other people have saved with similar tagged keywords that I would use.

Both websites work together like a pair of hands. would be my right hand and knock out punch on the internet while is used to keep things steady and jab my way into new territory:)

Try them yourself and open up a new world of productivity as a gift to yourself!


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