Sunday, April 01, 2007

Great Weekend In Spite of the Silliness

I have had a wonderful weekend in spite of some silly people this weekend especially yesterday.

One overzealous security guard flexed her authority in getting me to move our car while other vehicles were virtually abandoned at the time.

Then a speeding driver on I-285 minutes later passes up multiple free lanes to get boxed in behind me and then proceeds to blow his horn as if a nuclear attack occurred.

Later that evening, a driver in the far left (a turning lane only) acts as if I cut him off when only my center lane had the choice of turning either left or going straight ahead.

I was about to feel that it was "Blow your horn at Roney" at that point.

I was already checking myself to make sure I did not wreck myself, but the Bible says to answer a fool according to his folly and that fool despise wisdom.

So versus getting caught up in someone else's drama, I had to shake it off like Mariah recommended:)

Haters need someone and something to hate, so when they put themselves in such a position to get whacked like a mole, those of us empowered by God must do so to keep the universe in balance:)


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