Thursday, February 02, 2006

SuprGlu Seals Up Numerous, Potential Loose Ends!

I just discovered a new Web 2.0 application this morning and it is totally super cool to use in conjunction with any online activity that features XML/RSS feeds in a more digestible format for viewing.

SuprGlu compiles all of your feeds in a very easy to use, graphical centralized website from multiple websites and their competitors (or coopetition) such as Flickr, Digg,, Blogger, and among a few others that I am currently not using.

If you have control of the content and its respective feed, then you can add to your free pages within a SuprGlu account.  Otherwise, you risk losing your account if a copyright holder objects to you syndicating their content without their permission.

Since I feel that I generate enough content on my own from multiple sources, it will not be necessary to add any other feeds at the present time.  Therefore SuprGlu will essentially help a person write or speak with a single voice in a centralized location online.

What makes SuprGlu cool in my opinion is that it removes needing any detailed knowledge about XML/RSS feeds out of the equation just like Apple has done with the iPod and other devices.

Check SuprGlu out and my SuprGlu page is already online and automatically constantly updated.

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As for Digg: you can also use the direct-link alternative link feeds as discussed here: