Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Personal and Professional Thoughts on the Autosurf Industry

After reading the latest news from StormPay and 12 Daily Pro, I decided to create a blog entry on my thoughts about the autosurf industry overall.

From a historical perspective, every industry or endeavor faces a moment of truth which is a crossroads between turning back or moving forward. 

As those of us who are participating within the autosurf industry have just recently witnessed, there were some companies that have experienced great and extreme difficulties in even deciding if the stress and pressures of dealing with StormPay or continuing their operations were too much for them to handle.

If we put ourselves within such companies' positions, we too might throw in the towel if it appeared that we were involved in an endeavor that might not withstand the heat of governmental scrutiny or legal actions against us.

We also might feel great stress if we had to find an alternative payment processor when such thoughts were far removed from our daily lives.

With this being said, there is no better time to start participating within the autosurf industry.


Because the worst is clearly behind us no matter what happens in the future.

With the adjustments and corrections that will undoubtedly occur within the payment processor segment of the industry, the worst is indeed behind us and the various autosurf companies will clearly band together to create and provide some type of industry oversight and lobbying against governmental pressures that are now closer to taking place than ever before.

The governmental pressure that is coming next has already started within North Carolina and Georgia supposedly as stated within the recent StormPay and 12 Daily Pro news release.

Various states and their attorney generals will clearly test the waters to see if the autosurf industry is another derivative of the various ponzi schemes and multilevel marketing plans of the past.

But being that the autosurf industry essentially contains elements of a dynamic business model that ponzi scams and multilevel marketing could only dream about while not being able to execute.

Simply put, the autosurf industry allows every participant the opportunity to benefit without being the first one in line.  The last person to upgrade their membership has the same probability of improving their financial position as the person who either created or joined the autosurf company first.

Within no other multilevel or network marketing company have I observed or been a part of has this characteristic been truly and consistently possible.

As a result and just as soon as most autosurf companies determine which payment processor they will be using most consistently, it will time to fully dive head first.

The newly discovered confidence and potential of the autosurf industry will never be higher.

In addition to the people who are already on the internet every day, the autosurf industry has great appeal and potential for people who have participated within multilevel and network marketing in the past.


Because the autosurf industry completely fulfills the promises that many had witnessed to be broken in their past by the network marketing companies and the upline sponsors intentionally or by circumstances beyond their control.

The autosurf industry may even be more appealing to those who have failed at network marketing in their past because those who were successful within network marketing may not be able to make the adjustment to doing business in a way that everyone can truly succeed. 

Their past success more than likely will completely blind them or not allow them to see the
autosurf industry as being anything other than a ponzi scheme.

This is where I stand and from this position will I move forward.  There is no greater risk than what has recently happened.

I still cannot get over my feelings to leave StormPay out of the equation no matter what 12 Daily Pro can possibly say going forward.  StormPay's recent desire to be the only payment processor is a completely broken, systematic mindset in my opinion.  The mindset was first broken by PayPal in my opinion.

Every Autosurf company will have to choose multiple payment processors even if a single payment processor is more effective and cost-efficient.

The risk is too great otherwise.

The autosurf business model is one that requires either blind faith (without trying to understand it at all) or an absolute trust within the system in order to make it work.  This is only because the business model is more complex than witnessed within any other industry without years of secrecy, private club gestures, and handshakes.

Even with my MBA degree and work history, I could not have been able to fully comprehend how an autosurf company could actually succeed for itself and its members without the months I spent studying the forex industry on my own.

Even though some autosurf companies do not invest within the forex markets, the same skill set and mindset is required to invest within the forex markets as well as some of the financial derivatives and shrewd strategies available to those investing within other financial markets.

Some strategies were first learned through the studies required to pass the series 7 exam by the NASD.  The months spent in 2004 are now only able to bear fruit it seems.

But American Express Financial Advisors did not expand the new understanding or allow its advisors to apply any of the lessons learned whatsoever.

I will end this message while looking forward to preparing a message for the type of person that will most quickly benefit from the autosurf industry with the lowest learning curve time frame.

I also now realize that everyone does not want to really be successful or financially abundant.  Or I should better say that everyone does not get into the water to play and/or swim or get on the dance floor at the same time.

There are different levels of risk-taking and I already had a spreadsheet years ago entitled (Set It Off) to express the differences.

With the water and dance floor examples given, you will already begin to get the overall idea of what I mean.

It will take the observation of the fruits of our new success to loosen and break the conservative nature of many people or get them over the hump of forgetting or moving in spite of about their past failures.

As a result, it is my recommendation that we keep our enthusiasm limited to sharing the URL of our websites and pages to publicize our participation within the autosurf industry.

Word of mouth, phone calls, and most other ways of promoting and advertising will simply not work because the autosurf industry is too new out of the gate for most people to get their minds around.

I do love Terry's suggestion of putting our URL on business cards and I will expand the idea by including the URL within my signature within any e-mails that are sent.

Other than showing your new car or other purchases or new ability to make money, you will be wasting your time, effort, and energies trying to get people to understand and/or participate within the autosurf industry.

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