Saturday, February 25, 2006

Has Anyone Else Heard Prince's New Song "Beautiful, Loved, & Blessed" Yet?

Hello All,

I just heard a new song by Prince entitled "Beautiful, Loved, & Blessed" and it really pleasantly surprised me. 

The song appears as part of a 2-song CD entitled "Black Sweat" and is available for download from most online music stores.

The song is a romantic love song to Christ but I did not hear Christ or Jesus mentioned directly within the song.  But the lyrics include a reference to "the Blood on Calvary".  It contains numerous biblical references as I heard.

It is more like a declaration song as in "I am beautiful, loved, and blessed" to more I listen to it as well as a statement to uplift or encourage someone else.

I heard the song on Napster.  A young sister named Tamar also sings on the song.

The main song "Black Sweat" is traditionally Prince though;)

What are your thoughts regardless of whether you have heard the song or not yet?


Roney Smith

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