Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who Said Evangelism Had To Be Wimpy? It Is A Contact Sport!!!

Here are some words I was asked to share with a hardcore disbeliever today.

I learned when it rains, it pours a long time ago!

Always leave the door open within the Spirit of Love while not giving any room for doubt to remain!


The God I serve (Holy Trinity) and whose Gospel (Christ Jesus) I carry has empowered me to be, see, do, and have far beyond what I could accomplish on my own.

I actually feel sorry for you in that you are trying to work everything out by yourself and for yourself. That must really be a heavy load you are carrying. Only you know how well that it is working out for you.

I personally am able to see and comprehend beyond what my physical senses can experience and still know that God is not weakened or diminished by the limitations of mankind.

He still loves us while knowing the perfection of God created the imperfections of man. We were never meant to be perfect without Him being a major part of the equation.

Just don't go to your grave believing that you know it all or have all the answers is all I can ask anyone. All you see is not all there is.

Beyond that if you want to know more about me (Roney Smith), just Google me, or check any major bookseller for my first book Every Seed Has The Divine Expectation of Much Fruit.

Otherwise, I won't fluff your pillow or pretend to be anything less than I am.

It took an eternity to get both of us connected online and there is still an eternity to go beyond this moment.

So not only the risk of being 100% certain would be foolish, but not accessing the power that is available to you now.

If I am wrong to any percentage, then the power and love that radiates through my life and with those I am able to share this side of fence in faith and not fear with is fully acceptable to me. I am fully aware that my descendants will not view me as a weak link within their lineage.

The pressures that you are carrying, I have outsourced to God Who more than is willing to pay the price for shouldering the load on Calvary.


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