Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Middle Atlantic Products Knows How to Delight and Keep Their Customers

Every now and then one will have an encounter with a company that is so far above the norm that you must take the time to tell others about how exceptional the company is and how pleasantly surprised you are at the company's response to your concerns.

Some time ago, we had purchased a pop screen for various audio recordings which keeps any hard sounds during speech and singing from distorting the audio recordings.  When the pop screen was purchased was unknown to me since such a purchase never fully registers in your mind as a significant purchase.

But recently the knob that secured the pop screen had broken and could no longer be attached to a microphone stand and during my daughter's recent recording of her song , we each had to take turns in physically holding the screen while focusing on delivering quality vocals at the same time.

I went on the web and found the manufacturer Middle Atlantic Products Inc. and sent an e-mail requesting information on how to obtain a replacement knob.

After several messages were exchanged, I arrived home tonight to find a package at my front door.

Inside was not a replacement knob as anticipated, but the latest version of their pop screen that the company manufactures.

All I can say is "WOW!!!"

As a result, I am posting this message even before replying to the sales rep to thank them since their service has been just that exceptional and far above our expectations.

This company has firmly secured a customer for life for their audio hardware and furniture equipment.  My daughter will even become a customer as she grows up as well.  The company is clearly a legend within our household and music business:)

I am still floored at their response and they never will have to spend any advertising dollars to get our attention.  We will clearly become proactive customers and seek them out for future purchases.

Thanks Pavia and many companies and individuals can learn from your company's fine example!


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