Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It Has Been A Great Birthday Today!

Today is my birthday and it has been a great one!
My coworkers since late April had purchased 2 birthday cakes, a card, and balloons plus songs and well wishes to help me celebrate the day.
Then I met my wife and daughters for a great dinner at Olive Garden and we had another cake and ice cream upon returning home.
As one of my gifts from my wife and kids, I received a nice replacement wallet for the one that had received a beating over the past year.
I treated myself last night to buying several books on music theory and composition to help provide some greater resources in creating songs.
Overall, it has been a fantastic day and I am thoroughly tired and look to remember this birthday with fondness.
I am going to burn a little sleep time that I hope to avoid in the future through buying another TiVo unit which was ordered online tonight.
I am going to look at the season finale tonight for CBS' program "The Unit".  I may be a little red-eyed tomorrow, but this show is great.

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