Friday, October 05, 2012

I Apologize For My Volume of Facebook Posts that No One Checked Me On!

This morning I woke up both thankful to God and more than just a little pissed off with man at the same time.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see how my sharing of political posts would appear on someone else's timeline and it felt like I just discovered icicle boogers hanging out my nose or tissue paper on my feet just after leaving a rest room and no one in the entire Georgia Dome ever said a blankety thing!

With the latest Facebook apps, it is super easy and simple to share a ton of stuff that other people and groups share in most cases, but I never would want to see the fire hydrant volume on any topic as what I saw of my posts yesterday.

I deeply apologize for the oversight and yet wonder are we really friends at all.  I never would expect to be the center of attention in your world but if I am in your house with muddy shoes or violating one of your household rules (whether I know of the rule or not), I fully expect you to tell me about it!

Do not let me have my feet on your couch and then think that is who I am!

I felt like I was Romney and having bullied the moderator by not giving anyone else any opportunity to have a post on your timeline and dominated virtually the entire timeline when it was never my intention!

I felt awful and am still not yet over it!

It does not matter which candidate you are supporting which is my bottom line most of all because the volume of posts were simply too many!

I am sincerely shocked that no one including my wife ever said a thing!

I do not stay on Facebook all day, but I will scroll through to the last posts seen at the point where I was on before.  So with the share link button, I was possibly sharing a massive amount of posts in a short time like a child about to be conceived!

Again, I apologize!!

To atone for my volume of posts, I have created a separate Facebook page entitled Obama Concierge where I will share to any person's content who likes the page fully knowing that there will tons of political content available.

I already have the same domain name and will be pointing the URL there within the hour.

If you support President Obama, I apologize!  If you support Mitt Romney, I apologize!

Friends don't let friends drive drunk or go nuclear on a massive amount of posts unless it was fully intended!

I do expect my true friends to call me out from time to time!

Thanks for your friendship regardless how long we have known each other face to face or not!

I do appreciate it deeply!


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