Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome to a Brand New Era with the Obama Victory!

Needless to say, we either went to bed within a new night or have awaken to a brand new day and era.  US Senator Barack Obama is the first African-American president-elect of the United States of America!!!

As I am now watching the playback of how and why Obama won, I am remembering how this election was won primarily by the northeast, the educated, the young, and the technologically savvy.

The work and healing that has to be done requires that healing and uplifting focuses on the targets of residents of the southern states below the Mason-Dixon line, the uneducated, the old, and those thinking that the internet, cell phones, and web 2.0 websites will simply pass as the fads of the Pet Rock, Rubik's cube, or Beanie Babies.

The coalition of the progressive whites, Hispanic, and African-American voters have forever changed the landscape and spirit of America.

I urge each of us to do whatever we can not only for our families, but for our neighborhoods, our communities, nation, and world.

My political views were initially shaped by dinner table conversations with my parents, but my collegiate experiences at Francis Marion College in the mid to late 80s have had a greater imprint than I really care to remember.

Seeing years ago firsthand scores being changed on intramural athletic fields, tests and examinations being widely accessible within white fraternity houses, the contempt of supposedly cutting edge white professors, and the distinct lines of borders socially drawn while we were yet consistently and feverishly working to improve the quality of life overall for the entire campus and give hope to the minority body on campus has indeed made me cynical in the years after graduation.

But guess what?  Standing where we are today and viewing the new reality of what is upon us and to come, I now know that our individual and collective efforts were not in vain.

Each one of us has been given a full measure of faith and now with that same faith, we will now enlighten the entire world one by one person, place, and idea worldwide.

Any veils and shrouds of possibly being a victim or disenfranchised minority student and American has been shredded and permanently destroyed forever!

There are some who are now bitterly exclaiming that the country has gone down the tubes and their country has sold them out while never asking themselves the same questions in the elections of 2000 and 2004.  To these same people, I ask that you join me in asking them to look around the world and pay close attention to the faces, the souls, and the hope and dreams of people and ask if all could be wrong now of all times?

I now just received a phone call from a friend and former coworker and realized that my entire work history has been virtually under Republican administrations and the years of Clinton's administration have been the most financially rewarding and consistent.

But I would gladly repeat the harsh years of not being able to state for the record that I possessed a MBA degree just to get back to this point of Obama's victory not just for America but for the world!

Opportunity has returned and it is undeniably visible and the entire world is basking in it like sunlight.

Let us encourage one another and see what the limits of new era are and if there are any limits other than what we place on ourselves!

May God bless each one of us and the world and may God bless America!


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