Friday, May 25, 2007

If US Spy Agencies Actually Can Document This, Then The Consequences Have Been Intentional All Along

Reuters is reporting that the Bush administration was made aware of the consequences before the war in Iraq was begun.

If this is indeed proven true and I believe that it will from multiple directions, then every result of such activity undertaken within the country of Iraq has been the effect of intentional causes.

Every bullet, every death, every terrorist recruit, every disfigurement, every drop of oil lost or unaccounted for, every bitter taste in the mouths of once die-hard, starry-eyed, voting Americans, and every dollar wasted will be purely classified as earned income for all involved and the direct and indirect objects of their very desire.

I clearly remember the military analysts and other news commentators giving their opinions and analysis prior to the war and their very words have been proven true.  The number of "I told you so" pundits have been kept surprisingly silent somehow.  Is there a silent agreement in place somewhere?

I now believe that this administration within largely Cheney, Bush, Rove, and Rumsfeld have made history as the greatest market makers and middlemen in history to profit from the death and destruction all around.

The only upside to this war has been the enlargement of the private trust funds that will serve their descendants in perpetuity until the end of time.

I shudder to think of the possible revolt and anarchy that the working-class Republicans and Democrats could mount if it suddenly became widely accepted that this foreign and domestic policy was not based upon retribution or revenge for 9-11, but to use the American flag, our country's founding principles, and every internal struggle before, during, and since 1776 as toilet paper for the current leadership's country gouging efforts both foreign and domestically.

Even in the midst of having their own prophecies self-fulfilled through the rhetoric of "If we do not fight them on foreign soil, then we will have to fight them at home", the same bandits have already established the necessary means to further profit from future actions of terrorists and the financial repercussions of future conflicts worldwide.

It was all a global set up bottom line.

They actually want the U.S. and other countries to go down the drain and suffer to the extent of causing massive economic losses to further profit.

The American flag should be flown at half-staff for every day the current administration has been in office.  The young men and women who have died clearly were victims of the pimpish quality of the current administration. 

The dishonor among thieves will surface monthly for years to come as each participant and supporting cast member attempts to wash their hands of stench of bureaucratic lackeys.  More tell all books and interviews will come to the light as the levels of remorse will only grow.  Mysterious deaths and accidents cannot be too far behind either.

I feel truly sad for those with blind political faith and claims of the great American way for them to see that they were truly used as pawns and not really part of the process after all.

Just as Senator Trent Lott has discovered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the problems are not yours until it happens to you and then you finally realize that you are outside of the inner circle.

I guess that we will see that their memberships do not have ultimate privileges after all.

Even if misquoted or solely later recanted, President Carter was truly right in his summation of the worst president in United States history.  We clearly have a present winner and champion that only the Anti-Christ can further leverage and challenge for the title.

Heaven help us all.


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