Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Bears Are Super Bowl Bound!!!

Just as I was telling people all week long and at church, my Bears absolutely mauled the Saints 39 to 14 to win the NFC Championship!
I have been a Bears fan since the start of the 1985 season and they took me to the Super Bowl that year, so I have been hooked ever since!
My wife Wyteria wanted to doubt my Bears also as the Saints were the sentimental favorite, but they will have to wait until another year!
I cleared the room with no screaming girls and have the game fully recorded on Tivo!
I overlooked the possibility of having an African-American coach in the Super Bowl and when Indianapolis wins today, an African-American coach will win regardless!
But Da Bears will win that one as well:)
With the George Halas trophy in hand, I will pick up my Bears NFC Championship cap and t-shirt this week if not tonight!

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